Change a Path provides funding to anti-trafficking initiatives that prevent trafficking, support women and children at risk or subject to trafficking, and collaborate for sustainable change.  Commercial sexual exploitation (sex trafficking) is a form of gender based violence. Due to social and systemic issues of inequity it disproportionately impacts marginalized communities; including not only women and girls, but also people of color and members of LGBTQ communities.  We recognize the need to support programming that empowers those impacted but also works to change the deep rooted sexist, racist, and elitist views and structures that condone and support the exploitation of people’s bodies.

Change a Path is committed to:

  • Long term change in our social structure.
  • Supporting our grantees by listening to their expressed needs and solutions, respecting their expertise, and meeting them where they are at and supporting them in where they want to go.
  • Funding general operating expenses in order to provide the greatest financial flexibility and support.  
  • Regularly obtaining grantee feedback to ensure our grant-making processes are reasonable and not too demanding of time, money, or other resources. 
  • Being respectful and reflective on the historical and current power dynamics in the philanthropy sector.
  • Modelling, reflecting and incorporating our values into our processes, discussions, decisions, and communications.  


  • 501(c)(3) organizations with budgets less than $1 million
  • collaboration and research
  • survivor and trauma informed programming

and prioritize programs that 

provide life skills education and empowerment

lack reliance on the criminal justice system

engage men in the solutions

foster survivor leadership


  • individuals
  • political campaigns
  • capital campaigns
  • conferences
  • film or video
  • religious organizations unless they serve the community regardless of religious affiliation without expectation of conversion

We do not accept unsolicited grant proposals

Change a Path is a registered 501(c)(3)